Hayley Benseman Mineral Clay Mask

Hayley Benseman Mineral Clay Mask

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Transform your skin naturally.

Our favourite skin detox treatment that hosts high-quality Ghassoul Clay & Seaweed Powder.

This natural face mask hosts the most beautiful clays and antioxidant powders that will transform your skin intensely but naturally.

This clay mask mixtures makes approximately 10 masks per jar.

Ingredients: Cucumber Powder - Organic Seaweed Powder - Ghassoul Clay - Bentonite Clay - White Kaolin Clay

Benefits: Detoxifying and drawing - cleansing, nourishing and conditioning - tones and improves skin texture - removes skin impurities and replaces with trace minerals - safe for all skin types including very sensitive skin - increases circulation to the skin

All in all an action packed natural face mask!
(And not to mention the cute as cute jar it comes in that you can reuse!)

To Use: Mix 1 teaspoon of powder with enough water to make a paste. Apply to clean skin and leave for 10-15mins. Clean off and moisturise. The great thing about buying a mask in powder form like this, is that you can really make it to what ever thickness you would like!