The eco fire revolution

March 25, 2019


Bio fires, also known as bio-ethanol or biofuel fires, are smokeless, often portable fires that create a vibrant flame and heat without the undesirables of traditional fires.

Biofuel fires generate real flames without polluting the air or creating smoke. “People are starting to realise these fires are a viable and cost effective alternative to other heating methods,” Naked Flame’s Richard Lee says.

“They’re stylish, high quality and functional. They’re also a great alternative to gas or wood burners because they don’t require a permit to install if you’re opting for a wall mounted or inbuilt bio fire.”

Easy installation

Bio fires don’t require certain clearance levels above or around the area they are installed in a wall, and they don’t require a chimney or flue because they don’t emit smoke.

“This means the wall mounted or inbuilt bio fires are a really cost effective solution if you’re looking for a vibrant fire that will have a permanent place in the house,” Richard says. “It also gives people who live in apartments or smaller dwellings the option to have a fire in their home when it wouldn’t have been possible with a gas or wood fire that required a chimney or flue.”

Igloo Fire by EcoSmart
The Igloo fire by EcoSmart

For those who live in a property where body corporate restrictions mean chimneys or flues can’t be installed, bio fires are a good way around this, Richard says. “They’re also the best option for areas where air pollution is an issue such as Christchurch and people can’t install woodburners for heating in their home but still want the vivid, natural ambiance of a real flame.”

Portable ambiance

Because bio fires are so clean burning, many are portable. “A lot of bio fires can be used outdoors or indoors, and they can simply be moved between rooms depending on where people are congregating or how they are using different spaces in the home.

“The ability to have a portable fire indoors is still quite a novel concept but it’s quickly gaining traction in New Zealand and Australia in particular where people are passionate about conserving the beautiful natural world we live in and they are looking for options to create ambiance and heat in their homes without the environmental impact of other heating options.”

Globe fire by Vauni
The Globe fire by Vauni

What fuel do bio fires burn?

“All the bio fires we sell burn biofuel, which is a byproduct of the sugarcane crop. It is made from the waste product of the crop after it is harvested - a product that would otherwise return to the earth. It is such a clean fuel that it doesn’t create smoke, ash or any fumes. In fact, all it leaves is a small amount of water and carbon dioxide.

“The amount of carbon dioxide it creates is comparable to an extra person sitting in a room,” Richard says. “And the water generated isn’t enough to create condensation.”

Where can I buy biofuel?

Biofuel is available from Naked Flame, and can be ordered online and delivered to your door as required. Send an enquiry below.

Ghost fire by EcoSmart
The Ghost fire by EcoSmart




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