Getting naked: why nude is the next gen in deodorant

June 13, 2019


Australians purchase 250 million aerosol cans every year. In the UK, people purchase 600 million aerosol cans annually. A large proportion of those are spray-on deodorants. And that’s not to mention the roll on variety.

Roll-on deodorants are generally packaged in plastic. They are often made up of a thick, outer layer and a thinner inner layer – two different types of plastic, which makes these bottles difficult and not cost efficient to recycle.

Spray deodorants come in aerosol cans, which while recyclable need to be absolutely empty, dry and clean – in reality a very difficult task, and one that is rarely achieved.

natural deodorant
Nude deodorant.
Going naked

Naked deodorant is starting to catch on. It’s solid deodorant that requires no, or very little, packaging, and it’s being made more and more, predominantly by small businesses, each of which are competing with mass-produced products. It’s a David and Goliath situation, but these small businesses are starting to make a big difference.

For Kiwi Nicky Jagger, creating is something that’s always been in her blood. From the moment she was able, Nicky made things. It was her grandmother’s old glass perfume bottles that first caught her attention – a collection of decorative carafes, each of which retained the scent of the perfume that once filled it. While these initial childhood creations of Nicky’s weren’t the most successful, it was the beginning of the life of a maker – a woman creative by nature and inspired by the same.

Now, she’s taking on multinational corporations with her products, and creating change in her unique naked deodorants and body products.

Raw nature

Her business? Raw Nature: a colourful, playful brand that has serious aims: to reduce plastic waste and provide natural alternatives to deodorants and body products. Raw Nature has only been around for a year, but in that time it has saved over 6,000 aerosol cans and plastic roll on deodorant bottles from landfill.

Natural deodorant is the basis of her craft, and she’s honed her recipe to a fine art. Raw Nature deodorant sticks are solid cylinders that smell so good you want to eat them. “They’re so simple. I use four base ingredients: organic tapioca starch, coconut oil, baking soda and beeswax,” Nicky says. Each flavour is then created with a different combination of pure therapeutic essential oils.

From the blissful, tropical scent of lime and coconut, to unisex orange scents, this is definitely a playful range. “Sometimes, simplicity is the best way. It took years to get it right and craft something that worked, smelt amazing, and was a white to clear colour so it didn’t stain clothes.”

For Nicky, doing something better for the environment that combined her love of creating was of central importance, and she’s done just that. While the deodorants are solid sticks, they are packaged in cardboard tubes with a clever disc at the bottom that allows the user to push the stick up to apply as required, avoiding the need to get deodorant on the hands. 

“It’s completely recyclable and 100 per cent plastic free. People have realised for a while now the issues with using deodorants that have aluminium in them, but what about the other nasties like sulfates, parabens and phthalates, not to mention the packaging,” Nicky says.“We don’t need all these products that are available and full of synthetic ingredients. It’s just too much. We have to slow down and pare things back.”




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