Aro Ha

Queenstown, New Zealand

Aro Ha Wellness Retreat is a purpose built luxury wellness retreat, set in spectacular surroundings near Queenstown, New Zealand. A first-of-its-kind retreat centre, fusing advanced eco accommodation, permaculture based self-sufficiency, and world-class results-oriented programming.

Aro Ha offers innovative all-inclusive Wellness Adventure programs. The blueprint has been refined over the last 10 years and is based on yoga, sub-alpine hiking, functional strength training, meditation, therapeutic massage, mindfulness and detoxifying vegetarian cuisine.

Located in New Zealand’s Southern Alps, our physically challenging programs stimulate the body & mind. Attention to wellness will be rewarded with a youthful embodiment of optimum health. If a transformative shift is needed, Aro Ha is the ideal elixir.

Designed and constructed by a team of New Zealand's leading consultants, Aro Ha exemplifies best practices for living in balance with nature while meeting our modern needs. Localised food production from permaculture gardens is used to provide a signature wellness menu. Off-grid power generation, Passive Haus building techniques, and New Zealand's first renewable distributed heating scheme all ensure the retreat treads lightly on the local environment.

“Aro Ha is designed to support exceptional personal growth, both physically and spiritually,” says founder Damien Chaparro. “We feel a program that combines all the elements of true health, from built form to mindfulness, is a great way to support a shift.”

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