• Composting in small spaces

    Composting is nature’s way of recycling – transforming organic waste into nutrient-rich mulch. While many of us envision smelly, rotten foods, when done correctly, composting is odourless and a great way to reuse food waste. If you thought composting wasn’t possible in small spaces, think again. Here’s a quick guide to transforming your waste into fertiliser for your garden.
  • Two eco-friendly changes to make in your kitchen

    So you already use compostable bin bags, have a keep cup for your coffee and a reusable water bottle, but if you are looking for some other easy ways to bring more sustainable habits into the heart of your home,switching to non-toxic cleaning products and replacing cling film with beeswax wraps and other eco solutions is a great next step .
  • Washing synthetic clothing is harming our marine life

    Did you know that micro plastics in your washing is harming marine life?  Read on, to find out what you can do about it...